Once upon a tide...

The Heartland Mermaid


The Heartland Mermaid has over a decade of large event performing experience and specializes in providing realistic Mermaid and Pirate crews for trade-shows, festivals, corporate events, parties and more! 


With a business background culminating in an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, she understands how to provide targeted event entertainment to meet your organization's unique event needs. Each performance is designed to amaze guests and impress clients. The goal is to leave a lasting memory and create a positive image for your brand or company.


The Heartland Mermaid performs in only the best costumes. Her tail is a film-quality silicone prosthesis custom created just for her by Merbella Studios. She cannot walk in her tail and is accompanied at all times by at least one Pirate assistant. If your location has a pool or water feature, the tail is completely water-safe and even swimmable! 

Mermaid Performances


All performances are conducted completely in character by The Heartland Mermaid and her Pirate Crew. She prides herself on providing experienced actors who have a background in improvisational interaction with diverse audiences.


The Heartland Mermaid and her Pirates are performance professionals who act as event catalysts to warm up your crowd and provide unforgettable entertainment.

Professionalism, communication, and transparency are the most important contributors to a successful event. She is happy to provide references from previous clients upon request. Have questions? Send a message to HeartlandMermaid@gmail.com


Bring the magic of Mermaid and Pirate Entertainment to your next event and create an experience your guests will treasure! 

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